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Aspen - Down Friday 12-20-19

Aspen has scheduled downtime for Friday December 20 8 -12 PM while this should not impact most of our users - you should be aware that this will be happening.

RocketBook Beacons

RocketBook does it again...

This time they turn your whiteboard into a shareable Cloud based WHITEBOARD! using the new Beacons your whiteboard is a digital note taking tool. Student never get diagrams or note mislabeled because they have yours. Now these were released in July of 2019 but they are gaining traction now.

Read an article about how one teacher is making them part of the class on Medium

learn more at

Google Update Site

Google recently updated Google Sites with a undo/redo last function feature( found at the top to the left of the 'preview" icon. this update may have cause your site to roll back its shared settings to "anyone in the domain". Thsi would not allow people outside of the school to see you site any longer! But it is a simple fix and I have attached a simple movie to help you.

Snowman Quiz

Here is a link to a fun quiz game using Google Sheets -