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Google Docs and AI 2019

Interesting article on the rise of Google AI and the G Suite platform. It is important to note that for the foreseeable future the District wil not be supporting AI/Voice Controlled devices on our network. But still a great read.

Quick Tip :

Organize Google Drive
A quick tip on how you can organize your Google Drive - with a bonus tip of using "_" 's to force your files to top of the stack.

Apsen Upgrade

The text below is from the Aspen Email of 11-22-20109:

Dear Aspen Customer,
We have rescheduled your upgrade for Friday, December 6th.

Follett will deploy the latest version of Aspen6.0 to your hosted production environment Friday, December 6th.  During the upgrade process, your instance of Aspen will be temporarily unavailable Friday, December 6th beginning at 8:00 PM EST through Saturday December 7th 9:00 AM EST.Please remember to post an announcement in Aspen for end user awareness. 
The following is important information regarding this release:
·6.0 release notes have been posted to the Aspen Release Information folder on the Information Station page in Aspen. Additionally, check out the Aspen version 6.0 highlight video here and also on Information Station.
·The new features of Aspen6.0 were introduced via WebEx Monday, October 21st at 1:00 PM EDT.  If you did not have an opportunity to attend, the WebEx recording has been posted on the Information Station and Training pages in Pando. 

Chrome Extensions

As more and more students and teachers embrace the Google Platform for Education or G-Suite. The demand to Chrome Browser Extension has increased dramatically and rightly so-these are great enhancement to teaching and learning. They can provide access to some excellent 3rd party services many of which are FREE to education customers.

The issue is that NOT all extensions are created equal - many are very good but could lead to a student having to sign up for services -which could be a violation of COPPA and even CIPA laws. Also of more menacing concerns are the extenison infected with Maleware, all extension are a simple mix of images, HTML, JavaScript and Json files- any junior programmer can create and there by infect an extension.

This is why it is so critical for your IT Department to review and "approve" as safe any extensions that may be installed. Unfortunately this is not an easy process YET- it requires a person with a knowledge of coding to review the source code o…

Amplified Article on Google Brand Channels

To learn about the issue and how to resolve it read this article

You may have gotten an email over the summer  like this:

Dear G Suite For Education User,
This is a follow-up to an email sent on May 9, 2019. It has come to our attention that your user account is the owner or manager of a Brand Account. Rather than deleting your Brand Account on July 10, as was previously communicated, we have instead suspended it to give you a bit more time to take action. Please review this email to understand your options, which are also summarized in this support article.
What happened? Brand Accounts allow users to use certain Google services with a separate identity (e.g., a brand identity) that is not publicly linked to their regular Google Account identity. Brand Accounts are not currently supported for G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school domains. On July 10, 2019, Google took the following act…

Human Firewall tip

2 factor authentication- what is it ? Google calls it 2SV or Two Step Verification.

Essentially you will log in using your User ID and Password but then there will be a third method
that is external to the Web/Network -a physical key (see link below) or recieve a code on a device
other than the computer you are logging into.

Why you need it it Works it protects
If you are looking to really secure your information and data try gettting a physical key -
If you need help deciding which key is best for you reach out we are here to help

YouTube Changes Coming

YouTube is making some changes after concerns raised by the FTC.
These changes will impact anyone who has posted videos to YouTube but also anyone who uses the Playlists feature. Videos marked for kids will not be able to be added to Playlists or marked for Watch Later. 
Watch this Video